Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown

Here I sit at work trying to NOT be the Grinch...

when all I can think about is getting ready for the holidays. We are doing the Christmas countdown in my classroom for my students to understand the concept of time and calendar...yesterday I realized that Christmas was next week!  NEXT week?!  How did that happen?!

I have had many good intentions to start getting ready for the holidays...
ingredients to make cookies are bought...

ingredients to make candy are bought...

ingredients to make Rice Krispy Treats are bought....

but not one things has been made!
Working full-time and a part-time job once a week really cuts into my fun time! I have not sewn anything or done anything remotely to get in the Christmas mood lately.

My son, Jack, turned 4 on Monday.  We had the big birthday party this weekend and that has monopolized everything lately. Who in their right mind has a baby that close to Christmas?!  Oh well, the best laid plans often go astray!

So, after I teach my final class tonight for the local college, I will be going home and completing my Christmas cards and start my plan for getting festive!

This is what I am going to start working on for my daughter for Christmas. I LOVE LizzieBCre8ive's stuff! I am making the Peace Sign rug in pink, purple and aquamarine. Won't she be excited?!  Hopefully I will at least get the top done!
Perfect Harmony

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh, Cnristmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

This weekend we went to Linvilla Orchards to buy our Christmas tree.  It took us a few hours to find the right one. Some were too tall, some were to skinny.....

And yes, my husband brought the electric chainsaw with him to cut the tree down! Many people were very jealous of him eventhough they said he was "cheating"!

Finally, we found the right tree!!!!!

And my husband used the handy dandy electric shainsaw to cut it down!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house, but we are not there yet.  This wekend we have my son's 4th birthday party, so we are currently in party planning mode......hopefully I will get some sewing projects done this week. Hopefully!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Longwood Gardens

After years of going to Longwood Gardens for my son's birthday (mid-December), this year we decided to go the Monday after Thanksgiving......I highly recommend it.  We went with my daughter's Daisy Troop and there was no one there!  It was amazing!  You were actually able to move, see things, take your time and enjoy every aspect of Longwood......fabulous!  Below are some of the pictures that I took.

What a beautiful combination!  The entire conservatory was pointsettas, narcissus, hydrangea and cyclomen.  Gorgeous!

Beautiful white orchids in the Orchid room.

What stately Amarillus!

I found these berries very beautiful....they were among stunning red pointsettas and white narcissus.

Jack (far left), Emily and two of my other Daisy Girl Scouts!  They had so much fun!

Til next time, take time for you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Fabric Frenzy

Well, I finally found out that I passed my Comprehensive Exam for my PhD!!!!!!  What a relief!  Now that I have the results, I feel like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  In the past week since I found out, I have changed our computer room into my sewing room.  How beautiful is it to finally have a space of my own to create in?!

I have not posted in awhile, so I am going to back up a bit.......In the middle of November, my mother-in-law and I went quilt shopping with for the Fall Fabric Frenzy.....what a great time!  We made it to 6 shops in one day!  Next year our goal is to make it to all 10!

These are the fabrics that I will be using for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild's Challenge Solids.  Aren't they pretty?!  That is all I am going to share for now! All I have to say is...nothing smells as nice as chocolate and peppermint in the air!

My cousin will be getting married this summer and her colors are lime green, hot pink and leopard.  Yes, leopard!  These are the fabrics that I will be using in her quilt. 

Trying to figure out how to incorporate the leopard into it!

Til next time, take time for you!