Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where have I been?!

Well, hello everyone!  You may (I only have a few followers, so probably not) been wondering where I have been!  In interest of time and confidentiality, I let work get in the way of life for the past few months.

I have made a decision today to think more about myself and to say "no!" to others. Many of you may be thinking that I am the meanest person on Earth for even thinking this, but I am so stretched to the max that I am unhappy....all the time. I am determined to enjpy myself and my family and to be happymost of the time!  All of the time would be a ridiculous concept to even entertain!

So....below are a few things that make me happy....enjoy!

Sunflowers!  Aren't they just the happiest flower ever?!  I have some mini ones growing next to my patio.

Sitting outside on the patio relaxing and....

drinking a cup of tea or.....

having an ice cold beer (especially Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat...yummy!)

while reading a book. 

All of these things I prefer to do alone and try to do first thing in the morning (well, NOT drink the beer) before my kids get up.

Above all, my favorite things is.....

my kids.  Look how big they are both getting! This photo was taken a few weeks ago at my cousin's rehearsal dinner. Both of them were in the wedding....

and, of course, my husband!

Until next time, take time for yourself!



  1. Welcome back to blogland Colleen! You can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself - so go for it! Your kids look fabulous in their finery. Hope to see you in the Fall!

  2. Pete says that you should try victory's summer love. He said it is better then Sam Adams. See you in November!